Nonviolent Communication

"World peace starts with the individual" is a popular way of saying we all share responsibility for creating the world we want, a world that works for everyone. For me, Nonviolent Communication is a powerful way for each of us to create a deep space of peace and compassion within ourselves and step out of even subtle forms of violence.

Nonviolent Communication was developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960's and 70's, and it was his answer to the question: how can we find a way for humanity to end violence? He found that everyone wants to be happy, and everything we do, including acts of violence, is to meet the needs we have to be happy. So if we can understand our own needs and those of others, we can find ways to meet everyone's needs without violence. With this foundation, NVC opens into a wide field with the intention to create a deep quality of connection within ourselves and in community. It can be applied to human life in many ways, including how we educate our children, resolving conflicts at personal, group and international levels, our approach to justice ad crime, social change and activism, and to spiritual growth.

I am especially interested in spiritual growth, freedom and authenticity through Nonviolent Communication, and that is reflected in my study, practice and teaching Living Compassion, the work of Robert Gonzales. Living Compassion is growing the internal capacity of self-awareness to be compassionate with oneself and others. Compassion is the root of nonviolence, and I believe an essential part of creating peace on earth. In my trainings, I offer a wide array of tools to develop our capacity to know what is going on inside ourselves and express it with care which means being deeply honest. We also grow our capacity to receive and understand what is going on in others and hold what is alive in them with compassion. When we establish ourselves in compassion, the precise words we use are less important.