Coaching with Living Compassion

One on One Coaching

Coaching is a way of accompanying and supporting you to move forward in your inner processes and in your life. I see the challenging moments of life as moments of opportunity to integrate parts of your being that are now available to you because of the challenge. I am here to support you to access and integrate these parts so that forward movement can happen as an integral whole. I use empathy and processes like self-compassion and looking into the beauty of needs to create an unconditional welcoming of all that you are. In this way, the messages of each emotion, each longing, each thought can fully unfold and guide you. I am always honoured to be part of that.

Couple Coaching and Mediation

Intimate relationships are one of the most powerful mirrors in our lives. They let us see ourselves in our deepest most vulnerable places, the can hit to the core of what we want to hide and protect within us, and so they can trigger our most powerful protective layers. Often, it is when those protective layers collide, that a couple struggles to connect and remember their joy and the fullness of their love. My role as a coach or meditator is to help bring light onto what is triggered in each of you, and support taking responsibility and communicating what really matters in a way that can be received by the other. I believe in love and know that it offers one of the most difficult and rewarding dimensions of life!

I do sessions in person where possible and often by video call. I have a sliding scale price range with the intention to make it accessible, so if you’d like more details, please get in touch!