Yoga gives many methods to transform the body and the consciousness to reach a state of deep well-being, health, self-connection and in its original meaning union with the Divine. I am teaching from the Gupta Mahasiddha and Antastha yoga styles combining an esoteric, spiritual approach with a supportive physical practice. I also bring the Kashmir Shaivism tradition into meditation and awareness practices which has the goal of bringing yoga into life and life into yoga.

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The retreat space is the space to make an inner journey. This space goes beyond learning skills and moments of practice to a place of growth, healing and connection with yourself and beyond. I combine this process of discovery with natural beauty and spaciousness to have time for yourself and the magical location.
Every year, we gather on the active volcano of Stromboli in September. This powerful yet relaxed place also offers sea, sun and sand to bring ease and joy to the journey!
I am also organizing an early summer retreat, and all the details will come soon!

Kashmir Shaivism

Teacher Training

I work with Yogalife as part of a team to give teacher training to new yoga teachers. The Yogalife trainings give a strong foundation in all aspects of yoga and specialize in teaching Hands-On Adjustments so that yoga teachers can bring a quality of presence and support to their students' practice. For all the info, visit

teacher training