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Embodied Wholeness Retreat – Finland

June 22, 2023 @ 13:00 - June 26, 2023 @ 17:00

Welcome to the Embodied Wholeness Retreat! Join us to open to the magic of the human experience, the beauty of authentic connection and the healing depth of integrating all our different parts into an integral whole!
We are all on a journey to wholeness. Wholeness is the experience of embracing and welcoming all of who we are in our own awareness. This means being loving and present to every aspect of ourselves, especially those parts that are hardest to love. Through this loving integration, we can more and more fully embody a unified sense of being as an experiential process of connecting to our deepest values, expressing them and living them in our choices.
This retreat will be dedicated to self-connection that supports authentic and meaningful ways of living and relating. Our authenticity is an expression of our freedom: being and acting from who we really are. It takes courage and awareness to express and live our core values in relationships, work and daily life. We will practice yoga, tantra, Living Compassion and emotional integration methods to cultivate deep connection and wholeness on all levels.

At the retreat we will experience

  • Nonviolent Communication practices
  • Living Compassion
  • Shadow work
  • Power of ritual
  • Circle work
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Breath-work
  • Interrelated meditative practices
  • Delicious vegan food
  • Sauna & nature
  • Ecstatic Dance


Morning Yoga and Movement Practice

We will begin the mornings with varied and gentle movement, allowing the body to warm up and wake up for the new day. Yoga practices are designed to allow free circulation of prana, life force, throughout the energetic body bringing a state of overall balance. All the movement practices prepare us for stillness and meditation. For those struggling with sitting meditation, the movement practice offers a wonderful foundation to ground in the body with ease.

Morning/ Evening Meditation

We will practice different meditation methods for self-awareness with and without verbal guidance. If you have your own established meditation practice, you are encouraged to follow it. If you have little or no experience with meditation, we will take time during the arrival day to introduce a few simple meditation techniques that can be used during the retreat. Throughout the retreat we will also follow up on the development of the meditation practice of those who have little previous experience.

Restorative Yoga and Breath-Work

Evening practice is for centering back to ourselves, calming down the nervous system and taking time to contemplate the experiences of the day. Restorative yoga is gentle, slow paced practice combining easy movements and stillness, loving awareness and deep relaxation. Breath work will further balance and deepen the established meditative state and spontaneously translate the consciousness into a state of meditation.

Living Compassion – Emotional Integration 

We will practice different ways to connect with our inner world in a compassionate way.  Living Compassion is a Nonviolent Communication based work that empowers you to be your own guide. The foundation of this work is to bring loving presence to all of our parts, the shadows and unconscious aspects of our psyche, which we haven’t fully loved until now. In these sessions we start to embrace our emotional pain instead of avoiding it, and see it as an important guide that helps us reintegrate parts of ourselves that most need our loving attention.

Practices include deep self-compassion, empowering self-responsibility and tracing any experience, however difficult, back to our essence, our soul, from where all our emotions arise. These methods are grounded in full awareness and presence with all our bodily sensations, emotional energies, thoughts that arise and the underlying value of all of these. This unconditional and empathic space to experience all of ourselves brings us more and more into wholeness.

You are warmly welcome to join us for a retreat of loving presence. 



We will stay in a beautiful retreat centre in the quiet countryside of southern Finland. An old village school building situated in the middle of fields and forests will offer generous space to practice and rest. The venue provides an atmosphere of calm and simplicity with beautiful surroundings that invite for walks and contemplation. There are different options for accommodation that will be chosen during the registration. For more details, please visit: http://lammiretreat.com/home/



We will have three meals per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our catering is taken care of by an amazing culinary crafter. She will cook us delicious vegetarian and gluten free food during the whole retreat. Water boilers,coffee and tea will be supplied all day.



-Bedding (sheets and covers or a sleeping bag)

-Warm and comfortable clothes suitable for sitting as well as for movement

-Pen and Paper / Notebook

-Water bottle

-Thermos flask if you would like to keep hot drinks on you during the day

-Personal hygiene and towel

-Yoga mat (yoga blocks if you have)



The retreat begins Wednesday 22.06.2023 and participants can arrive from 16:00 onwards. The official program begins at 18:00. 

The retreat ends Sunday 26.06.2023 after lunch and clean up.



To reserve your place and for all the pricing info, please send an email to:



By car:

Map link to the center: https://goo.gl/maps/HBMSY8b8JhR2.

By train/bus:

Check www.vr.fi and www.matkahuolto.fi for the most recent info. With a train you first have to go to Hämeenlinna or Lahti and then with the bus to “Lammi (Hämeenlinna)”. Busses go to Lammi from all major cities via Hämeenlinna or Lahti.

Ride-sharing (Google Doc):

In the registration email we will send you a link to a doc where people can share car rides and to synchronise their arrival in Lammi with public transport for a shared taxi (10km) from the venue.

You are warmly welcome!

Gloria & Mironel



Mironel de Wilde

Mironel is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and an RYT200 certified yoga teacher. He has studied and practiced various forms of spiritual and personal growth since he was a teenager in the 1990’s and committed to yoga as a spiritual path in 2001. He began teaching yoga in 2004 and has trained and taught across Europe, Asia and North America. His first contact with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2014 changed his life perspective. He has been living and sharing NVC since then and continues to study in depth with some of the most experienced and innovative NVC trainers in the world.

Gloria Salo

Gloria is a yoga- and tantra teacher and social psychologist focused on the profound practices of yoga, meditation and tantra; the expansion and refinement of consciousness and heart-based living.

Gloria began her serious study of yoga 20 years ago. After she found the esoteric and tantric practices of yoga and meditation, she committed herself to the ancient sacred yogic and tantric tradition. She moved abroad to live near her beloved teacher Advaita Stoian, to deepen her understanding of spirituality, yoga, tantra, meditation and self-inquiry. During the years abroad she graduated as a yoga and tantra teacher.

Gloria has always had a deep interest in human psyche and the different levels of human consciousness. The quest to understand hidden potentials deep within, led her to graduate with Masters of Social Sciences, majoring in Social Psychology, minoring in Psychology.  Gloria wrote her Master Theses on Mindfulness Meditation and in her academic studies combined social psychology studies and methodology with her personal experience in meditation.

November 2017 Gloria graduated from a profound and vast tantra teacher program that lasted for 5 years, specializing in the awakening of kundalini. In addition to weekly yoga classes and workshops, she teaches tantra course with new practice and theory given weekly with curriculum lasting over many years.

In 2018 and 2019 she participated yet to new yoga teacher trainings (Vinyasa RYT 300hrs, Hatha RYT 200hrs), this time with the world known yogi Gokulchandra Das, to learn the subtle gokulyoga system of bandhas and marmas, meditation and yoga philosophy. In addition to teaching yoga and tantra Gloria works as a wellness and awareness consultant for individuals, groups and companies. gloriasalo.com


June 22, 2023 @ 13:00
June 26, 2023 @ 17:00