Stromboli Yoga Retreat – Yoga of Inner Wisdom

Casa Flora Stromboli Stromboli, Sicily

I would love to welcome you to this magical island for 7 to 10 days of yoga, movement, connection and Mediterranean holiday! This is a casual, open retreat where we share food and cooking, go out to see the charm of the island, hike the volcano and relax by the sea! The upcoming retreat on […]

€590 – €980

The Power of Self-Acceptance

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Nonviolence begins in acceptance. As long as we resist what's happening within ourselves or others, that movement 'against' what's happening can come out in unfortunate or violent ways. When we develop the power to accept what is, we can make authentic choices about what works for us and others in each situation. Self-Acceptance means developing […]

60Chf – 100Chf

Listening Within – NVC Geneva

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Every part of you, in its own way, wants your best, your happiness and your well-being. This includes your inner critic, the voice that tells you that you should do more, or faster, or better, also the part that protects you by shutting down or exploding or experiencing every other inner voice, thought and feeling […]

160chf – 500chf

NVC Dyad Space

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

I am looking forward to holding this NVC deepening weekend again with Sandy Perrin. We will explore the Dyad practice by connecting with the body, the felt-sense and creating an unconditional space to experience ourselves as we are moment by moment and share that with another. This can bring us to a place where we […]

chf160 – chf500

Living NVC

Living NVC with myself, with others, in relationship, when triggered, while being scary honest, healing with NVC and more! In cooperation with my dear friend, colleague and mentor Tina Schmitt. Sometimes we can study and practice NVC in workshops and groups and still experience a gap between that and living NVC in day to day […]

€650 – €890

Embracing Challenging Emotions

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Our life is moved by emotion. Emotions guide us and give us energy to create the life we want to live. They also tell us when any experience we have is not aligned or in harmony with any part of ourselves. We don't always get the messages clearly or easily. Sometimes we are unaware of […]

160chf – 480chf

Living in Wholeness

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Marshall Rosenberg said we can play two games in life: “Who's right?” Or “How can we make life more wonderful?” Seeing the world in right and wrong, my fault or someone else's is simple and takes less time and energy to make sense of what is happening than staying with the longings and needs in […]

200chf – 450chf

Nonviolent Communication Foundation Training

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

I will be offering an introduction to NVC weekend workshop to explore the founding principles through practices and exercises that gived an experience of what it means and how it works. NVC changed my life by giving me ways to put more awareness into my what I experience, what I really want and how I […]

200chf – 450chf

Essentials of Nonviolent Communication

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a practical approach to communication in challenging situations at home, at work and in community. This workshop will explore in depth the NVC process that brings consciousness and responsibility to our experience of interacting with others and with ourselves. We will learn the art of listening for developing our capacity of […]

200chf – 450chf

Connection to Core Weekend Retreat

Hotel Balance Les Granges, Salvan

I am happy to teach with my dear friend Ceylan again in October! This time we bring the emphasis on detox, with a space to cleanse before the retreat weekend. Yoga, hiking, meditating with beautiful surroundings is an amazing way to be in life! The venue is amazing with a carefully maintained, traditonal Swiss feeling. […]

510chf – 847chf