Nonviolent Communication Workshop with Tina Schmitt, Geneva

Shaanti Club Rue des Grottes 28, Geneva

Connecting Head and Heart Both days: 10:00 to 18:00 This Workshop will be for deepening our experience and practice of Nonviolent Communication with Tina, a certified NVC trainer with many years of experience in bringing people towards NVC consciousness. I'm happy to announce the theme: Connecting head and heart The journey from the head to […]

250chf – 450chf

Conscious Connecting between Men & Women

Yogamoves Nyon Rue de la Marche 10, Nyon

A one-day workshop to practice conscious and compassionate ways of meeting and being together. For singles, couples and all sexual orientations Facilitated by Benjamin Ries, Georgina Peard & Mironel de Wilde Sunday 22 April 2018, Yoga Moves Nyon * How do you open your heart to someone in an empowered way, with clear boundaries? * […]


Yoga & Body NVC

Shaanti Club Rue des Grottes 28, Geneva

We will have fun, connect and also go deep into how we hold emotion and meaning in and through the body. The body is always in the present moment and anchors us with its own innate wisdom. This will be a space with postures, breath and the gestures of body. We'll work with yoga to […]

CHF80 – CHF120

Connection to Core

Hotel Balance Les Granges, Salvan

Connection to Core Detox Body, Mind & Spirit Retreat, Swiss Alps, June 15-17 2018 Teachers: Mironel De Wilde & Ceylan Ayik This long weekend workshop will focus on essentials, purifying and connecting with our core. Our physical core is the strength of our body that maintains our posture, supports the vital organs and the spine. […]

CHF610 – CHF828

Yogalife Festival

Everyone is welcome to join this open, community festival celebrating connection, yoga, good food and great people! I will be teaching, hanging out and helping out :) When my sessions are confirmed, I will update here with more info, meanwhile check the website for all the details and I hope to see you there!

Discovering Your Purpose – Geneva Summer Retreat

Organized by the International Centre for Spiritual Living I'll be teaching on Authenticity and Purpose on Day 2 of this retreat! We will explore what it means to be authentic, to live from our essential center, and how this quality of self-connection can guide us into authentic purpose. This will be an intimate, personal exploration into […]

Dialogue Adventure

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Welcome to the Dialogue Adventure: Connecting to Wisdom and Truth! We are excited to hold a day of deep inner inquiry to be present to our whole selves! At the heart of Nonviolent communication are the universal human needs. We all share the same core needs for a thriving human life, and these needs live […]

60chf – 100chf

Stromboli Yoga Retreat – Yoga of Inner Wisdom

Casa Flora Stromboli Stromboli, Sicily

I would love to welcome you to this magical island for 7 to 10 days of yoga, movement, connection and Mediterranean holiday! This is a casual, open retreat where we share food and cooking, go out to see the charm of the island, hike the volcano and relax by the sea! The upcoming retreat on […]

€590 – €980

The Power of Self-Acceptance

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Nonviolence begins in acceptance. As long as we resist what's happening within ourselves or others, that movement 'against' what's happening can come out in unfortunate or violent ways. When we develop the power to accept what is, we can make authentic choices about what works for us and others in each situation. Self-Acceptance means developing […]

60Chf – 100Chf

Listening Within – NVC Geneva

Geneva Hostel Rue Rothschild 28-30, Geneva

Every part of you, in its own way, wants your best, your happiness and your well-being. This includes your inner critic, the voice that tells you that you should do more, or faster, or better, also the part that protects you by shutting down or exploding or experiencing every other inner voice, thought and feeling […]

160chf – 500chf